IT Infrastructure


Effective and efficient customer service

We combine expertise in server and storage solutions, network infrastructure solutions, communications solutions, information and data security solutions, and software solutions. We also offer consulting, systems integration and managed services catering to the specific needs of businesses.

We use the best in class products and technologies from leading vendors. We thrive on our expertise with planning, deploying and supporting world-class business solutions.

Our proposition is very straight forward; we offer solutions and services that align system functionality with Business requirements with the ultimate objective goal of improving efficiency. Our solutions address the exponential growth of Digital data and the need to make this available as part of compliance, regulatory and business continuity measures. Further we focus on mitigating operational risk, ensuring that processes and systems are in place to recover from disasters and key assets are protected from day one. We also share our knowledge with our customers so that they are confident and educated of the solutions that are in place.

Our infrastructure offerings include laptops, desktops, workstations, printers, server storage and backup devices from leading hardware vendors coupled with complimenting core software components like Operating systems, e-Mail, Databases and office productivity applications.

Additionally we recommend our customers the benefits of Server Consolidation using Virtualization thus reducing Technology spend but ensuring optimized performance considerations. Server virtualization provides a path toward server consolidation that results in significant power and space savings, while also offering high availability. Today Server virtualization has evolved from a development, test, and training enabler to a core foundational element of the production infrastructure.

Our strategic Server Architecture Development and Optimization helps organizations modernize their server architecture by leveraging the best virtualization technologies. The approach starts with profiling the current business and technical requirements, constraints, and assumptions.