Web Support & Website Maintenance

Let us help with our website maintenance and support services


Don’t worry; we can look after your project even after you have launched it. As an integrated development house, we offer a full spectrum of solutions from building beautiful websites to monitoring and maintaining it for years to come. We can do everything to keep your website performing perfectly from fixing glitches before they strike to keeping you informed of competitor activity and even recommending your next move. We love to see happy clients who would recommend us to others as well.

We’ve got your back. The digital landscape is constantly evolving; that’s why you need someone on your team making sure your site is up to date and running like a well-oiled machine. With our Membership Program, you have our dedicated Client Services team at your disposal for any of your site maintenance and web hosting needs.

Updates We employ a dedicated team to handle your large and small site updates. Whether it’s quick text changes or adding new functionality and features, our membership programs ensure that your site stays up to date with the Web’s ever-changing standards, operates smoothly and remains as cutting edge as the day you launched it.

Tune Ups Broken links and out-of-date plugins can jeopardize the visibility and security of your site. As part of our membership program, we regularly tune-up your site to make sure links are properly directed and your plug-ins are up to date. This improves your site’s SEO, enhances the user experience, and helps prevent malware.

Monthly Website Audits User experience is an essential component of an effective website. Our team will regularly audit your site for content, readability, usability, spelling, and grammar and provide recommendations to improve usability and conversions.

Service Website downtime is costly. Using a single company to manage both the front end and the back end of your website can significantly reduce website downtime, budgets spent on web training, and headaches when something goes wrong. If there’s an issue on your site or server, make one call (or send an e-mail), and we’ll solve the issue.

Backup Our team provides you with peace of mind by regularly performing a full data backup of your site to ensure it can be restored to its previous condition if something goes wrong.